• Marriage Matters Jackson

    Encounter Church applauds the efforts of Marriage Matters Jackson in their attempt to promote, prepare, and preserve healthy marriages in Jackson County.  

    Their mission is to strengthen marriages and families, decrease divorce, and measurably impact Jackson County and its economy by supporting proven strategies to:

    • Communicate the importance of healthy marriage,
    • Connect the community to marriage enrichment and    pre- marital resources
    • Collaborate with community leaders and organizations.

    Marriage Matters Jackson is housed at the United Way of Jackson County and at the present time is partially funded by the Weatherwax Foundation. For the last several years, Marriage Matters Jackson has been able to bring marriage enrichment programs to the community. They also pioneered the effort to establish a unique Healthy Marriage Agreement for clergy, churches and community leaders, which promotes marriage preparation, growth for existing marriages, and restoration for troubled marriages through out the county.

  • Encounter Church food pantry

    We understand that everyone goes through rough times and might need some help with the basics in life. That is why anyone in the community is welcome to use the Encounter Church Food Pantry. Just stop by with a photo ID and our wonderful volunteers will be happy to assist you.  



    Tuesdays and Thursdays

    10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.



    Rod Johnston

  • Youth Haven Ranch

    At Youth Haven, we are committed to meeting the needs of less fortunate boys and girls. Our goal is to create a safe and fun environment, where they can get away from negative distractions and difficult home circumstances. We show them the love of Christ, teach them Biblical principles, and provide them with steady positive influences. As a result, we see them begin to make positive choices, set goals for the future and develop character traits to make a difference in the world around them. Many of them accept Christ as their Savior, and they go home knowing that God is always with them and has a special plan for their lives!

    Our primary outreach tool is camping, with week-long summer camps and weekend camp sessions throughout the school year. Each year, over 3,000 less fortunate children come to Youth Haven's campuses in Michigan and Arizona, where they can enjoy the beauty of nature and participate in a variety of fun activities with other kids their age. Our adult staff listen to them, spend time with them, and model positive behavior for them. And they learn that God loves them and has a wonderful purpose for them. Each child also receives a Bible to take home.

    We do our best to stay in touch with the children through follow-up letters, kids' newsletters, and birthday cards. We invite them to return regularly, so Youth Haven can be a stable part of their lives. We also have weekly Kids' Klub programs in low-income housing community centers, where our staff have an opportunity to play games, do crafts, and share Bible stories and snacks with kids in need, right in their own neighborhoods.

    We work with a specific demographic of children who would not have opportunities to go to camp if they were required to pay for their stay. Perhaps they are in a single-parent family, or their parents have experienced job losses and money is scarce. Many of them are in foster care or being raised by a relative. That's why we provide these experiences to them free of charge.