Children's Pastor - Full-time 

Church Family Expectations:
1. Live a life fully devoted to Jesus:
     a. Consistently be in God's Word
     b. Consistently set aside time of prayer
     c. Commit your time, talent and treasures to God (Tithe, Take a day off, Serve your family and others)
2. Commit to be a part of a ministry team (family). Although you are responsible for your specific area of ministry, it is important to understand that it is just one piece in a bigger part. We are one church family, with one mission and one team. You are expected to work with other ministry team members to build a stronger, more Christ-like church, and fulfill the church mission.
3. Do things with excellence. The way we plan events, present material, organize, decorate our spaces, and take care of our things says something about us and Jesus.
4. Attend and participate in all team meetings and activities and be an active part of the church family. Be in a Missional Community Group.
Ministry Expectations and Responsibilities:
1. Minister to children from infants to those in 5th grade. This position also includes establishing and developing relationships with the parents and families of these children.
2. Direct, with excellence, the already established kids camp ministry each summer with the expectation and planning in place for 250 or more children.
3. Recruit, train, equip and empower new and current volunteers within the children's ministry. Help develop and grow the current team members, while also looking to expand the team . We want to be a church that is continually developing and raising up new leaders.
4. Create a family culture within the children's ministry. The team should encourage, disciple, and care for one another and reflect the values that make us Encounter.
5. Effectively, regularly, and clearly communicate with team members, church family, and the ministry leadership team the needed and appropriate ministry information: What? Why? When? How? Utilize social media platforms and other forms of communication and media.
6. Schedule volunteers for all Sunday morning services and other church activities that involve children's ministry.
7. Plan and lead outreach events that are on trend and relevant to our community on a quarterly basis.
8. Choose curriculum that helps to develop, promote and train our children in the importance of community ministry and outreach.
9. Develop and select materials for promoting parent and church cooperation in the spiritual development of children.
10. Implement programs and create opportunities designed to strengthen families and marriages.
Leadership Development: 
This is not a term that we just throw out here, but it's a part of our DNA at Encounter.
1. We value leadership development at Encounter and encourage all of our staff to meet periodically with mentors in their field.
2. We strive to do ministries to the best of our ability and are continually learning new methods of doing ministry because we understand what is at stake (Kingdom Mindset).
3. The staff participates in leadership lessons, books studies, prayer, service projects and on a consistent basis shares a meal together during work hours.
4. While you are here at Encounter, we want to continue to help you be the person that God has destined you to be.
5. Listen we Dream Big and Go Big.
The right candidate will have a four-year bachelor's degree from an accredited college/university. Preference is given to a pastoral or other ministry-related degree.
We cover 75% of your healthcare plan.
We contribute 12% in pension.
We provide a business expense for you to use.
Our salary ranges on experience, but is competitive.
We are looking for someone to join our team that is committed to seeing as many lives transformed and changed by the gospel. This person must be passionate about children's ministries and be a genuine team-player who works diligently towards the fulfillment of Encounter's vision.
God is doing some incredible things here at Encounter, we have an incredible team here and we are so excited for the next leader that God sends our way.
Feel free to stop by our social media platforms and check us out, Facebook or Instagram.
Individuals should submit their, cover letter, resume, and video of you teaching to

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