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Your Personal Examination of Biblical Discipleship You can learn more about the life available to you in Jesus Christ through this Bible-study series. On your own or in a group, you can discover what it means to be a Christ-centered disciple, how to develop Christian character, how to have victory over sin, and how to grow toward maturity in your daily walk with God.Book 1, Your Life in Christ , covers these topics: God Cares for You The Person of Jesus Christ The Work of Christ The Spirit within You Book 2, The Spirit-Filled Christian , covers these topics: The Obedient Christian God's Word in Your Life Conversing with God Fellowship with Christians Witnessing for Christ Book 3, Walking with Christ , covers these topics: Maturing in Christ The Lordship of Christ Faith and the Promises of God Knowing God's Will Walking as a Servant Book 4, The Character of the Christian , covers these topics: The Call to Fruitful Living Genuine Love in Action Purity of Life Integrity in Living Character in Action Book 5, Foundations for Faith , covers these topics: Who Is God? The Authority of God's Word The Holy Spirit Spiritual Warfare The Return of Christ Book 6, Growing in Discipleship , covers these topics: What Is a Disciple? The Responsible Steward Helping Others Find Christ Follow-up World Vision Book 7, Our Hope in Christ , is an introductory chapter analysis study of 1 Thessalonians