Women Renewed 


We will be studying the Beatitudes beginning January 25th. This is a 4 to 6 session study.

We will learn what the Beatitudes are.  Jesus spoke of these in Matthew Chapter 5. He shared these important words as He spoke to the people on the Sermon on the Mount.

How do they apply to us in our world today?

Where can we find true happiness, the ability to trust, joy, strength, hope and peace in our world today?

This study will help answer those questions and help you as you begin the new year.  We don’t know what will enfold throughout 2023, but we know who can help us, and who holds tomorrow.  

When we walk by His side we find strength,  joy, hope, peace, self control, love and many other attributes by following Him and letting Him lead us.  

We are meeting at 1pm at my home on Wednesdays (Zoom also available for those who want to join that way).  

As always, we welcome all women who would like to join us.  Our group has become a strong network of God fearing praying women, who lovingly support each other in life with words and deeds.

 Please email Sheryl if you're interested in joining this group.


Sheryl McCormick


Bible, notebook, pen/pencil


2nd & 4th Wednesdays @ 1 PM


3054 Arborwood Blvd. or Zoom