Women Renewed 

We welcome all women who would like to join us.  Our group has become a strong network of God fearing praying women, who lovingly support each other in life with words and deeds.

 Please email Sheryl if you're interested in joining this group.


Building a Resilient Life 
By Rebekah Lyons.

Adversity can knock you down or awaken your heart. It can lead you to discouragement or guide you toward change. It can trap you in despair or be a gateway to peace.

In Building a Resilient Life, Rebekah offers a transformative, practical approach to knowing God's unshakable peace in an uncertain world. On those days you feel you have nothing left to give, the tools in Building a Resilient Life will draw you closer to a God who offers you a peace beyond understanding, a hope beyond today, and a strength you never even knew you had.
Through this study you will:
  • Discover five rules of resilience to help you thrive in difficult times.
  • Experience adversity as a friend rather than an enemy.
  • Recognize and reset your triggers for feeling overwhelmed.
  • Cultivate strong community to rally around in stressful seasons.
  • Overcome setbacks without giving up.
A study guide that also includes videos is available to purchase here.


Sheryl McCormick


Bible, notebook, pen/pencil


2nd & 4th Wednesdays @ 1:30 p.m.


3054 Arborwood Blvd. or Zoom